Home Automation

When it comes to our home and our life, we don't settle for anything but the very best. Everything to be complete, easy and worry-free. That's what a true home solution should be, and that's

What you get with Tcube Home automation, for children, elderly and differently abled persons, can provide increased quality of life who might otherwise require caregivers or institutional care.

Magine your alarm ringing in the morning. As you press the snooze button, your coffee maker- linked to your alarm clock- turns on automatically. You finally roll out of bed to the aroma of brewing coffee. And as you head into the bathroom, the lights turn on automatically.

While you brush, the shower automatically turns on, adjusting the water to your desired temperature. No, this is not a scene from a movie. This can – and is – happening. And it is only one scenario of IoT at work.

The capabilities – and opportunities- of IoT for solving common household issues are endless.

IoT (Internet of Things) is the concept of connecting a device to the internet as well as other devices. It facilitates the control of electronic devices from remote locations.

More importantly, ‘smart’ technology not only enhances performance but also efficiency. Utilizing less energy follows in the footsteps of the current ‘green’ revolution. As we head into the next generation of home automation, we are looking at entire smart homes.